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Welcome to the NEN

 The Neighborhood Empowerment Network (NEN) is an alliance of residents, neighborhood and merchant associations, nonprofits and faith–based organizations, foundations and academic institutions. Over these past 10 years it has leveraged the immense resources and expertise within its ranks to create a ground breaking suite of tools, resources and methodologies to advance resilience at the community level with a bottom up, grassroots approach.


Applications for the 2018 Neighborfest are now open!

Building a Stronger City, From the Block Up!

Living in one of San Francisco’s neighborhoods is a source of great pride for residents and there is no better way to celebrate that pride than bringing your neighbors together and having a block party!

Learn more about the power of Neighborfest here.

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Who We Are:

Resilience is about strengthening our community’s response and adaptation to big changes and deep challenges. Our mission is to build strong neighborhoods in San Francisco where everyone lives and works in a healthy, resilient community led by local networks that are rich in trust and reciprocity.

Our Approach:

The NEN leverages strategic partnerships to develop programs, tools and technical resources that neighborhood stakeholders can utilize as they build thriving communities that are well-positioned to navigate times of stress. We have developed the methods and the means to transform our lifestyles, social connections, shared spaces and places, and local economies at the grassroots level.

Our Events

Keep up to date on our latest initiatives, hear about outcomes of projects, stay up to date with newsletters of new resilience resources, and subscribe to our mailing list!

NEN Programs

At the core of the Empowered Communities Program are a growing suite of programs created in partnership with our community partners. Want to host a great block party or survive a Heatwave – you’ve come to the right place.

Our Partner Communities

Over the course of the last 5 years, the NEN has partnered with neighborhoods across San Francisco to implement The Empowered Communities Program. Take a moment and visit their sites.

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NEN Training Center

 A key component of a resilience development strategy is to invest in your individual, organizational or community’s capacity to achieve its goals. The NEN Training Center offers our members a one stop shop for capacity building resources.

The Neighborhood Empowerment Network is a cohort of agencies with a single mission: Build truly resilient neighborhoods that can withstand stress of any kind at the individual, organizational and community levels.