empowersf.org | 2018 Resilient Bayview Heatwave Workshop
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2018 Resilient Bayview Heatwave Workshop


“When it Gets Hot, Stay Cool… Bayview Style”

On April 26th, join your fellow Bayview agency and organizational leads when they come together for a morning workshop that will:


  • Provide you with the very latest data from the Dept. of Public Health regarding Climate Change and how it is impacting the health and well-being of Bayview Residents
  • Be briefed on the new Resilient Bayview Heatwave Preparedness Campaign which is customized to the unique audiences we have in our community
  • Learn about the Resilient Bayview Activation Strategy that will support agencies as they work together to protect our residents


A light breakfast and lunch will be served.

Register today at:

Hosted at the Bayview Hunter’s Point YMCA. Click here for map.

The Neighborhood Empowerment Network is a cohort of agencies with a single mission: Build truly resilient neighborhoods that can withstand stress of any kind at the individual, organizational and community levels.