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Neighborfest Host Support Center

Neighborfest Host Support Center

What’s New for 2019

Living in one of San Francisco’s neighborhoods is a source of great pride for residents and there is no better way to celebrate that pride than bringing your neighbors together and having a block party! Now in its 5th year, the Neighborfest Program is 100% committed to supporting the Hosts, and their Host Committee Team, with guidelines, resources and expertise to produce the world’s greatest block party via a process that is fun, thorough and rich in benefits and impacts for all who participate.


As we enter the 2019 Neighborfest Season, The NEN is excited to announce its new partnership with the nonprofit Livable City. Building on its success in managing street activations across San Francisco. i.e. Sunday Streets and Play Streets, Livable City offer Neighborfest hosts with the highest levels of expertise and resources needed to produce an incredible block party.


More Resources For 2019 Neighborfest Hosts! 

  • Streamlined Application Process!
    • No need to complete separate SFMTA permit application
    • Sitemap template of YOUR block with pre-approved emergency access lanes and programming areas provided upon Neighborfest program acceptance
    • Step-by-step assistance with additional city permits
  • Access to a new suite of block party programming resources (i.e. games and equipment)
  • Access to Livable City staff for advice Monday thru Friday, 9am-5pm
  • Onsite Training Before Your Neighborfest! Sign up for a special coaching session 6-8 weeks before your event to receive additional support planning your outreach and activities OR simply schedule a 30 minute safety and waste management training before your Neighborfest street closure begins. 

Apply for a Neighborfest

How to Apply for Your Neighborfest

Download the 2019 Neighborfest Host Agreement (click here) to review and sign.


Complete the Neighborfest Application and upload your signed Host Agreement via the new Neighborfest Online Application Portal (Please note – the Neighborfest Online Application Portal requires a Gmail account. See below for alternative submission methods.*) 


Complete any additional steps outlined in your Neighborfest Application Confirmation Email.


Download the Neighborfest Playbook to plan the world’s greatest block party. 


Receive your permit and have fun in the streets with your neighbors! 


*Don’t have a Gmail account? Download and print the Neighborfest Application & Host Agreement PDF here . Once complete, return a signed copy via email to (preferred) or by mail to:


Neighborfest Program

℅ Livable City

301 8th Street, Suite 235

San Francisco, CA 94103


Neighborfest Application Status Cheat Sheet

Application Moved to Permitting: If your application has been Moved To Permitting, it means you’ve been approved for the Neighborfest Program, however we are waiting for your official street permits that can only be approved by ISCOTT. 


In the meantime, Livable City will provide you with a basic sitemap that outlines the pre-approved emergency access lanes and programming areas for your block. 


Use this map to plan the detailed layout and run of show for your day in the streets and resubmit to Livable City no less than 1-week prior to your Neighborfest. Questions during the planning process? Drop us a line or give us a call! 


Application & Permit Approved: It’s a go! Your Neighborfest has received an official street closure permit from SFMTA based on the plans you submitted to Livable City. Please print the permit to have on hand during your event. 


Application Pending: If your application is pending, that means there is an issue with your application and you will need to work with Livable City to successfully process your application.


Application Denied: If your application is denied, it is because your event falls outside of the guidelines set forth in the 2019 Neighborfest Host Agreement.

Available Neighborfest Spots


24th – 4 available spots

25th – 4 available spots

31st – 4 available spots


1st – 4 available spots

2nd – 4 available spots

7th – 3 available spots

8th – 3 available spots

14th – 2 available spots

15th – 2 available spots

21st – 4 available spots

22nd – 2 available spots

28th – 2 available spots

29th – 4 available spots

October and November

October 5th – 2 available spots

6th – 3 available spots

12th – 1 available spots

13th – 4 available spots

20th – 2 available spots

26th – 4 available spots

27th – 4 available spots

Nov 2nd – 4 available spots

3rd – 4 available spots

9th – 4 available spots

10th – 4 available spots

16th – 4 available spots

17th – 4 available spots

2018 Neighborfest Partners & Sponsors


Neighborfest Articles

Read NEN Director Daniel Homsey and  Professor Daniel Aldrich (pictured above)’s joint Neighborfest article on Nextdoor and New Geography!

Your Neighborfest Host Toolkit

The toolkit is designed to create a road map for a successful Neighborfest event. It will help identify your goals and objectives while providing a framework of roles and responsibilities. It offers forms, checklists, and a promotional flier to help you plan and execute your event!
Click the orange download icon below to download the brand new 2019 Neighborfest Host Toolkit!

Neighborfest Report

In summer 2017, the NEN offered community leaders across the city the opportunity to partner with us to host Neighborfest Block Parties in their neighborhoods during the fall.

Click the orange download icon below to download the 2017 Neighborfest Pilot report!

Neighborhood Empowerment Network is a cross sector cohort of city-wide resident leaders, community & faith based organizations, city agencies, private sector stakeholders, academic and philanthropic institutions that align their expertise, programs, technical and financial resources to advance the development of tools, resources and methods that empower communities to strengthen their capacity to advance their resilience goals.