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Resilient Youth Leadership Academy

Resilient Youth Leadership Academy

Congratulations RYLA Class of 2018!

In early 2015 A. Philip Randolph Institute, in partnership with city agencies such as Department of the Environment, SF PUC, and Neighborhood Empowerment Network, launched a youth leadership pilot programs that became known as Resilient Youth Leadership Academy (RYLA). The RYLA program engaged 10 Bayview youth leaders in an intensive 8 week capacity-building opportunity emphasizing professional skill-building and increased awareness of the role young people play in civic leadership.
RYLA youth leaders further developed their capacity as community leaders by learning about how climate change acts as an environmental community stressor in Bayview. Using the professional and civic skills and knowledge, youth developed sustainable mitigation plans to combat the negative future impacts of climate change as it effects their community.

Developing professional and civic skills, learning about the impacts of climate change on urban communities, and developing sustainable mitigation plans to combat this issue are all play into the long-term goal of the RYLA program which to facilitate in the process of setting Bayview youth on a career path that will position them to remain active and effective leaders in the Bayview community.

Announcing the 2018 RYLA Program

Program Outcomes

The RYLA program is quickly becoming a NEN favorite. There have been many positive outcomes to the program, the most inspiring being that teenagers are becoming excited about getting engaged with their city.
Here are a few more of the outcomes from our past RYLA cohorts:
1. All RYLA youth voluntarily participated in evaluation processes to measure the impact and effectiveness of the program on youth participants.

2 Participants were able to identify issues about climate change that was not evident in their everyday news or immediate environment. For example, it is perhaps not common knowledge to a young person that an “evacuation plan” is immediately linked to the effects of climate change. Therefore it seems evident that participants gained in-depth knowledge about the factors and possible impacts on climate change as it relates to their specific community.

3. Participants’ self-identified new skills and leadership characteristics typically aligned with those attributed to community leaders.
4. Upon the completion of the RYLA program, a majority of participants self-identify as community leaders.

2018 RYLA Partners & Sponsors


2018 RYLA Application Process Overview

What Does a Host Committee Receive?

Hosting a Neighborfest Block Party is a lot of fun, if you have the right tools and resources. The NEN has partnered with an amazing group of agencies to provide you with the following:

  • The Neighborfest Host Toolkit that provides step by step instructions on how to organize your Host Committee and the forms and check lists you’ll need to pull off a great event
  • No permitting costs – if you participate in the application process in a timely manner, you’ll have the fees usually charged for a street closure paid for on your behalf
  • Access to free barricades*
  • Free one-time use waste bins**
  • For first time hosts – “Big Red Bin” of disaster supplies for your block to use during times of stress**
  • The support from the Neighborfest Team who will attend your event and share information about how to make your neighborhood safer and better informed about essential programs and resources***

* Courtesy of Public Works – Based on availability

** Courtesy of Recology

*** Based on availability


How Do You Apply?
  1. Visit the website and review the information provided regarding program benefits, requirements and review the list of available Saturdays (August 4th – November 3rd) to host your event
    NOTE: Only three Neighborfests can be hosted on the same Saturday – See list at the bottom of this page for available dates.


  • Securing your date: Download the Neighborfest Host Application, complete and sign and email to  Be sure to identify the date you’d like to reserve.  If your application is complete, and the date you’ve selected is available, then you will receive an email confirmation of your reservation.
    NOTE: Dates are reserved on a first come first serve basis.



  • Submitting your SFMTA ISCOTT Block Party Application:  Once you have received your Neighborfest date reservation – return to the Neighborfest Website and download the SFMTA ISCOTT Block Party Application, complete and submit it for their review.  Mail the SFMTA Application to the address provided on the application or email it to
    NOTE: Be sure to provide all of the information requested, including the map of your event!



  • Wait for confirmation of receipt of applications from SFMTA and please be ready to provide any requested data from SFMTA regarding your application – failure to provide requested information could halt your application process
    NOTE: The NEN Staff will attend the ISCOTT hearing on your application on your behalf.



  • If your ISCOTT application is approved – you will be notified electronically



For questions regarding this program, please contact Tre Russell Allen at 415 554 7011 or email

About the ISCOTT Application Process:

SFMTA Application:

Check for Available Dates

The following is a list of available Neighborfest dates.  There are only three slots available each weekend and you must submit a completed Neighborfest Host Application receive a confirmation email confirming your reservation in order to move forward onto the ISCOTT Block Party Street Closure Application process.  Questions? Call or email Tre Russell Allen at  415 554 7011 or

No Neighborfest dates remain. We have reserved dates for 34 Neighborfests. However we are working to add more dates due to high demand. Please stay tuned and contact Russell.Allen@SFGov.0rg for more information. 

Important Deadlines

Neighborfest Block Parties can be hosted Saturdays between August 4th and November 3rd and there are a limit of three (3) Neighborfest slots per Saturday.


Neighborfest application deadlines are as follows:

  • August Neighborfests by June 1st
  • September Neighborfests by June 15th
  • October & November 3rd Neighborfests By July 1st


There are only forty two slots available this year for Neighborfests, three per weekend, be sure to submit your Neighborfest application to secure your date.

Get Started Now!


The first steps in getting your 2018 Neighborfest planning process up and running are:


  1. Identify your date.

Review the list below of available dates and select the one that works best for you and your team. 

REMEMBER: Date reservations are issued on a first come first serve basis!


  1. Secure your date by submitting your Neighborfest Host Application

Download and complete the Neighborfest Host Application and email it to Tre Russell Allen at ASAP.

REMEMBER: Your ability to reserve a date is contingent to submitting a completed application and receiving an email confirmation.  Questions? Contact Tre Russell Allen at 415 554 7011 or email


  1. Submit your ISCOTT Application.

Once you have received confirmation of your reservation – download the ISCOTT Block Party Street Closure Application and submit it ASAP. 

REMEMBER: Be sure to submit a completed ISCOTT Application. Questions? Contact Nick Chapman at or call him at 415 646 2414.


  1. Download the Neighborfest Host Toolkit and get to work.

REMEMBER: Once you have your Neighborfest date reserved – download the Neighborfest Host Toolkit and start organizing your event.  It may be weeks before your ISCOTT Application makes it through the approval process, so be pro-active and start organizing your team.


More on the Neighborfest

Neighborfest Articles

Read NEN Director Daniel Homsey and  Professor Daniel Aldrich (pictured above)’s joint Neighborfest article on Nextdoor and New Geography!

Your Neighborfest Host Toolkit

The toolkit is designed to create a road map for a successful Neighborfest event. It will help identify your goals and objectives while providing a framework of roles and responsibilities. It offers forms, checklists, and a promotional flier to help you plan and execute your event!
Click the orange download icon below to download the brand new 2017 Neighborfest Host Toolkit!

Neighborfest Report

In summer 2017, the NEN offered community leaders across the city the opportunity to partner with us to host Neighborfest Block Parties in their neighborhoods during the fall.

Click the orange download icon below to download the 2017 Neighborfest Pilot report!

The Neighborhood Empowerment Network is a cohort of agencies with a single mission: Build truly resilient neighborhoods that can withstand stress of any kind at the individual, organizational and community levels.