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Resilient Bayview

Welcome to Resilient Bayview

In early 2013, a group of Bayview non‐profits, small businesses, faith‐based organizations, universities residents and city agency stakeholders came together to create a vision for the Bayview that ensures the health and well-being for all residents and local agencies in a future that grows richer in stressors and shocks every day.  Out of this process, Resilient Bayview was born and over the course of the last few years, the program members worked intensely to create a Resilience Action Plan that inventories the goals and objectives that will guide the group’s efforts to empower local agencies and residents to prepare for and recover from disasters of any size.


2019 Heat Relief Center Activation

June 8-12th saw a record-breaking heatwave hit the Bay Area. That weekend, Resilient Bayview executed its Heatwave Strategy by activating two Heat Relief Centers at UCHS Mother Brown’s and Bayview Senior Service’s Adult Day Health Center. Leadership from both Centers were officially recognized at City Hall by Hon. Mayor London Breed on June 21st for their service to the community during times of heat-related stress.

Resilient Bayview Heatwave Strategy

In 2017, the Bayview experienced a series of unprecedented heat waves that saw the temperature rise to over 100 over the course of two consecutive days for the first time in recorded history.  The Resilient Bayview Executive Steering Committee activated its HUB and were able to establish a cooling center at two separate locations.  As a result Resilient Bayview formed the Extreme Weather Working Group and secured funding from the San Francisco Dept. of Health create a culturally competent preparedness / response strategy that will help protect the impacts of climate change on the health and well-being of all those that live and work in the Bayview, especially the vulnerable.

Our Accomplishments

2019 Resilience Action Plan Development Workshop

On May 15th, 2019 the leadership of the Resilient Bayview (RBV) met with District 10 Supervisor Shamann Walton for the 2019  Resilience Action Plan Development Workshop at the Bayview YMCA.

Building on RBV’s 2018 successfully advancing the readiness of local agencies and residents for shocks such as  heatwaves and poor air quality, the Resilient Bayview leadership has spent the last 3 months refining its 2019  strategy and now needs your agency’s input to finalize its goals and objectives.

Attending organizations:

  • Joined Sup. Shamann Walton in a planning exercise and together identified the Bayview’s goals and objectives for becoming a healthier, safer and more resilient community
  • Received an update on the progress of the RBV initiative on advancing the readiness of Bayview agencies and residents
  • Learned about the benefits of becoming a RBV member agency

For more information about Resilient Bayview please visit:

Bayview EOC

2017 Cooling Center Activation


On September 1, 2017 the City and County of San Francisco activated its EOC in response to the heatwave that was generating record temperatures in the City’s neighborhoods.  HSA contacted the Neighborhood Empowerment Network (NEN) to stand up a cooling center in the Bayview community on Saturday, September 2nd from 10am to 6pm.  The NEN reached out to the Resilient Bayview Leadership Team to support the HSA’s request.  Over the course of the next fourteen hours the team identified a location (Bayview YMCA), secured staffing resources, managed the activation and operation of the cooling center and then demobilized at the request of the EOC.  The team issued a report that outlines that activities that were taken, by whom and when. 

2017 RYLA Graduation

In August of 2017 the A. Philip Randolph Institute (APRI) successfully graduated its third Resilient Youth Leadership Academy.  The ceremony was held in City’s South Court and was attended by the graduate’s families, APRI staff, Sup Sandra Fewer and City Administrator Naomi Kelly.  It was a fitting conclusion to a powerful eight week immersive learning experience that provided the Academy participants with a behind the scenes understanding about the impacts of climate change on the Bayview, the strategies that are being developed to mitigate its impact and how the agencies work that are charged with protecting the health and well-being of Bayview Residents. 

2017 Neighborfest


On October 7th, 2017 Resilient Bayview hosted its first neighborhood-wide Neighborfest. This all-day event featured four live bands, including a Navy Jazz band, a huge health resource fair, climbing walls, an earthquake simulator, a delicious free lunch and CPR & fire extinguisher trainings. The goal of the event was to introduce guests, over 500 attended, to ways to become healthier and better prepared in a positive fun atmosphere.  It was also was a great opportunity to bring together the agencies of the Resilient Bayview Town Center HUB to practice working as a team to support the needs of a large group of folks.  The reviews were very positive and it looks like RBV Neighborfest will be back in 2018. 

About Us


Since 2013, a group of Bayview non-profits, small businesses, faith-based organizations, residents and city agency stakeholders have been working to advance a vision for the Bayview. This vision is of a community rich in social & economic opportunity and success for residents and businesses. The Resilient Bayview program members have worked intensely to inventory and prioritize the goals and objectives for the various community stakeholders. These stakeholders are committed to making the Bayview a great place to live, work and visit.


Community Leadership: 

  • Felisia Thibodeaux, RBV Program Manager 
  • GL Hodge, Providence Baptist Church 
  • Takija Gardner, Bayview Y 
  • Dan Dodt, Small Business 
  • Rosalind Hinton, Small Business 

Organizational Partners: 

  • Karen Nemsick. Rebuilding Together 
  • Brittni Chicuata, Sup Malia Cohen’s Office 
  • Wylie Lie and Lydia Bell, UCSF 
  • Sraddha Mehta and Shawn Rosenmoss, Dept. of Environment 
  • Aaron Yen, Planning Dept. 
  • Larry McClendon, Office of Economic and Workforce Development 
  • Donna Logan, Red Cross 
  • Evan Schwartz, Warriors 
  • Jessica Fontenot Shakirah M Simley, SF PUC 
  • Brian Whitlow, SF CARD 
  • Daniel Homsey, NEN 
  • Tre Allen, NEN 

Bayview Hub Boundary Map

Hub Boundary Map
Our Plan


Bayview is an active and dynamic community where individuals, families, organizations, and businesses deliver exceptional goods and services, all the while providing opportunities to catalyze the economic, spiritual, and cultural potential of the neighborhood. During times of stress, our community will collectively respond with confidence and compassion.



Provide streamlined access to information that supports an individual’s ability to make smart decisions regarding mitigation, preparedness and response activities.


Support HUB Member organizations efforts to develop higher levels of interoperability among nearby stakeholder organizations and residents.


Ensure that neighborhood stakeholder organizations and their external resilience partners are able to communicate among themselves and residents before, during and after a disaster in a culturally competent way.

Our Plan

Download the Bayview Resilient Action Plan by clicking the icon below.

Our Projects

2018 Heatwave Strategy

“When It Gets Hot, Stay Cool…. Bayview Style” 

In 2017, the Bayview experienced a series of unprecedented heat waves which saw the temperature rise to over 100 over the course of 2 consecutive days, for the first time in recorded history.  The Resilient Bayview Executive Steering Committee activated its HUB and were able to establish a cooling center at two separate locations.  During its post event debrief, the steering committee determined the following: 

  1. Residents, especially those vulnerable to heat related health impacts, had little or no access to culturally competent preparedness materials 
  2. A majority of vulnerable residents live in structures with no air conditioning 
  3. Directing vulnerable residents to seek shelter from heat at offsite locations could put their health in jeopardy 
  4. Strengthening their ability to shelter in place, with the support of their immediate social and service network is ideal scenario to plan for 

As a result, the Resilient Bayview Vulnerable Populations Working Group has secured the funding to strengthen the community’s ability to prepare for, and respond to, extreme weather events. Their program is called the RBV Heatwave Strategy, learn more here… 


The Town Center Hub

The leadership of Resilient Bayview has crafted a resilience strategy that builds on the organic daily behavior of Bayview.  The main economic corridor of the community is 3rd St. which is lined with small businesses, restaurants, schools, faith based organizations, gymnasiums, government buildings and public open spaces.  Every day thousands of Bayview residents receive support from this complex network of cross sector agencies.  The RBV leadership determined that during times of stress, residents are most likely going to come to 3rd St. to secure a wide variety of support, so the leadership determined that the best course of action would be to establish three “HUB”s along the corridor. A HUB is a network of community serving agencies that work every day to increase their internal readiness, as well as that of their staff and clients, as well  as have the capacity to work collectively to meet the needs of the surrounding community during times of stress.  The first of these three HUBs is the Town Center HUB whose major feature is the Mendell Plaza. 

3rd Street HUB Boundaries


The Community Youth Center (CYC), Red Cross and SF DPH are offering free trainings including First Aid/CPR and Psychological First Aid training throughout the community for Bayview residents and nonprofit organizations. All programs focus on what you need to know right away to get you trained and certified as quickly as possible. Click here to visit the Red Cross website and register online.


Sign up here for our latest Psychological First Aid Training on June 28th.

First Aid Bayview Page

Resilient Youth Leadership Academy (RYLA)

The Resilient Youth Leadership Academy is a program run by the A. Philip Randolph Institute (APRI). This powerful eight week immersive learning experience provides the Academy participants with a behind the scenes understanding about the impacts of climate change on the Bayview, the strategies that are being developed to mitigate its impact and how the agencies work that are charged with protecting the health and well-being of Bayview Residents. Learn more here… 

RYLA Bayview Page Picture
Our Events

Click to view photos and report for the 2nd Annual Resilient Bayview Neighborfest!

Thank you all for contributing to the success of the 2018 Resilient Bayview Neighborfest. Click below to see photos, videos and the 2018 Resilient Bayview Neighborfest Report.

Resilient Bayview Neighborfest

Congratulations on a Successful Resilient Bayview Neighborfest!

Resilient Bayview hosted its first ever Neighborfest event! We organized a community health and disaster resource fair, celebrations with music and family friendly activities!
The 2017 Neighborfest Program offers Host Committees an end-to-end experience that empowers them to pull off the best block party their neighbors have ever attended. This year’s Neighborfest program is the ultimate resource for building a stronger, more connected community. We are no longer accepting applications for 2017 Neighborfest.
Click here to download the Neighborfest toolkit and learn more about our program.

Resilient Youth Leadership Academy (RYLA) 2017 Graduation

The 2017 RYLA graduation was held on July 28 at City Hall. We congratulated the young leaders as they showcased their projects and accomplishments made throughout the year. Their finished project is currently on display on the 3rd Floor at City Hall.
Click here to visit the RYLA page and learn more about our program.

Rebuilding Together SF

Rebuilding Together San Francisco is working closely with residents, non-profits, local businesses, and city agencies to rebuild four blocks in Bayview on September 15th. This is a block party and volunteer opportunity for those who live, work, and play in the Bayview! Click here to visit the Rebuilding Together SF page and learn more about the program.

Our Partners


American Red Cross


San Francisco Public Utilities Commission


NERT Bayview


SF Department of Environment


Bayview Business Alliance


Community Member


Southeast Community Facility Commission


Community Member






NERT Bayview


Bayview Senior Services – George Davis Senior Center


Providence Baptist Church


Mercy Housing – All Hallows Community


A. Philip Randolph Institute


Rebuilding Together San Francisco


A. Philip Randolph Institute


Bayview MAGIC



Community Youth Centers of San Francisco – Bayview


Careers in Horticulture


Habitat for Humanity of Greater San Francisco


SF Department of Environment


Bayview Hunters Point YMCA


SF Department of Public Health


Community Member





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