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2022 Neighborfest Host Playbook Center

Welcome to the Neighborfest Host Playbook Center


Hosting a world class block party can be a lot of fun, as long as you have tools and resources.  That’s why the Neighborhood Empowerment Network created the Neighborfest Host Playbook.


The Playbook offers end to end support to the chairs of the Host committee, and their team members, for organizing, planning, producing and improving their event.


Two of the most important assets are:

  • On page 11 – An agenda to follow for the Host the first Neighborfest Host Committee Meeting
  • On page 16 – A worksheet for capturing the event components of the Team’s Neighborfest 


The following is a breakdown by section of the key components that have been created to ensure your success.  Download your copy of the Playbook and follow along.


Section 1: Get Started

Great events start with great leadership and teamwork.  The Get Started section offers detailed guidance for:

  • How to identify and secure Co-Chair(s) (Page 5)
  • The Roles & Responsibilities of the Chair and Co-Chair(s) (Page 8)
  • Creating a list of Host Committee candidates (Page 6)
  • Strategies for invite candidates to the first Host Committee Planning Meeting

Tip: Consider using the host committee candidate worksheet for finding the right team members as well as the sample email invitation for the first meeting.


Section 2: Get a Plan

Great events start with great plans.  This section offers the Chairs a quite of resources to ensure that at the end of their first Host Committee meeting they will have a detailed plan to follow for producing a fun, safe and inclusive event.  Resources include:

  • An agenda to follow for the Host the first Neighborfest Host Committee Meeting (Page 11)
  • A worksheet for capturing the event components of the Team’s Neighborfest (Page 16)
  • A guide for how to safely and efficiently layout your Block Party (Page 21)
  • Guidance for organizing into Event Teams (Starts on Page 23)
  • Strategies for staying connected and working as a Team

TIP: There are a lot of moving parts to organizing a Block Party.  Take your time during the planning portion of the meeting and try and identify and capture all of the essential details generated.


Section 3: Get to Work

The best part of creating a great event plan is implementing it!  This section provides guidance for each event team to follow and includes:

Strategies for team leads to:

  • Convening their team
  • Creating goals and objectives using the Playbook’s tools and resources
  • Assigning roles and responsibilities and tracking them
  • Staying connected via meetings and online platforms

In addition, there is unique guidance of the following teams:

  • Outreach Team (Page 29)
  • Food Service Team (Page 24)
  • Entertainment and Activities Team (Page 27)
  • Registration and Readiness Team (Page 35)
  • “Day Of” Event Production Team(Page 32)

TIP: Each Team Guidance has valuable forms, flyers and worksheets to use for defining and achieving their goals.


Section 4: Get Ready

After weeks of planning, its almost time to close the street and start the fun.  Schedule this meeting roughly three days before the event to review all of the event’s objectives and make sure all of the bases are covered.  At the meeting, Chairs will use the included agenda to:

  • Provide any topline updates about the event
  • Have Event Teams review their plans and any needs for the “Day of”
  • Verify the location of all activities and resources using the Neighborfest Layout Worksheet
  • Create a master timeline of activities for the day
  • Capture any last-minute needs and/or budget related items

TIP: This is your final opportunity to make sure that all of the needs of the event are locked down and ready to go.  With a few days to go before the event, you’ll have time to fill any gaps and avoid any “fire drills” the morning of the Block Party.


Section 5: Get the Party Started

It’s the big day and time to assemble the team for one last huddle before the party gets started. Use the agenda included in this section (Page 40) to make sure you get everyone on the same page.  Be sure to cover:

  • Make sure that all of the teams are able to implement their day of plans
  • Onboard all last minute volunteers onto the event team

TIP: Be sure to focus on SAFETY.  Great block parties are safe block parties, remind everyone the team to monitor the event carefully and to be vigilant about traffic safety and monitoring the activities.


Section 6:  Get Better & Prepared

No matter how well organized and implemented an event plan is, there is always room for improvement.  This meeting not only lets you capture any lessons learned for making you next block party better but also ways to repurpose the skills, relationships and resources you secured by hosting your event.

  • Capture lessons learned and strategies for helping your neighbors during times of stress using the worksheet provided (Page 44)

TIP: Data shows that hosting block parties is an easy fun way to build safer more connected communities.  Hosting this meeting could save lives one day… maybe even yours!


The Appendix

There are so many valuable resources in this Playbook that we had to create an appendix to hold them all. Be sure to check out:

  • Host Committee Tracking Doc – Tracking who is doing what will make everyone’s lives easier
  • Neighborfest Flyer/Three-Day Notice for Neighbors’ Cars – Get the word out using this flyer
  • Food & Beverage Menu Worksheet – Breaking bread with your neighbors is always fun – just make sure you have more than the bread!
  • Food Service Equipment & Supplies List – Clean, safe and efficient food service starts with the right gear and supplies
  • Equipment, Supplies & Budget Form – This generic form can be used by any event team to get organized
  • “Day of” Tasks & Timeline Worksheet – Timing is everything on the big day!
  • Guest Sign in Sheet / Survey – This is one of the most important documents in the toolkit- make sure every guest has a chance to fill it out. Your never know when they may need help.
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