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Welcome to Resilient Western Addition!


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About Us


In 2018, a cohort of organizations along San Francisco’s Western Addition neighborhood reached out to Supervisor Norman Yee’s office for support in creating a Resilient Action Plan (RAP) for their community. The Supervisor’s Office partnered with the Neighborhood Empowerment Network (NEN) to leverage its expertise in supporting communities as they draft and implement culturally competent RAP. By implementing its Empowered Communities Program (ECP), the NEN will support Western Addition stakeholders in developing a preliminary community engagement plan. This plan will outline the need to partner with surrounding communities in order to ensure that any plans that are generated accommodate all of the stakeholders in the Western Addition district.


Resilient Western Addition HUB Steering Committee Members

Red Cross




Western Addition Senior Center

Plaza East

Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services


Our Vision & Goals


Resilient Western Addition is a community of residents, organizations, businesses and networks that serve our immediate neighbors and Southwestern San Francisco.

During times of stress, the stakeholders of Western Addition come together in a collaborative, well organized manner to protect the health and well-being of the all guests, employees and residents – especially the new born, children, seniors and people living with access and functional needs.

By investing in capacities, resources and relationships essential for a disaster response, West Portal will successfully negotiate future impacts and as a result become a stronger, more cohesive and vibrant community.




Every resident has the capacity to care for themselves and their neighbors during times of stress.


The faith-based organizations, businesses, non-profits and community organizations of the West Portal community have the capacity to support both the needs of their existing constituencies and emerging audiences during times of stress.


The Western Addition community has the capacity to respond collectively during times of stress in a manner that reflects the goals and priorities of its residents and stakeholder organizations.


The Resilient Western Addition Steering Committee is comprised of community members who care deeply for the neighborhood and are responsible for the development and implementation of a resilient action plan.

This plan will guide the Western Addition’s investments in connection, capacity and resources at the individual, organizational and community levels.

By identifying, engaging and supporting local stakeholders throughout the planning and deployment process, the Committee will embed its commitment to trustworthiness, responsiveness and compassion in the initiative’s “DNA”.


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Neighborhood Empowerment Network is a cross sector cohort of city-wide resident leaders, community & faith based organizations, city agencies, private sector stakeholders, academic and philanthropic institutions that align their expertise, programs, technical and financial resources to advance the development of tools, resources and methods that empower communities to strengthen their capacity to advance their resilience goals.