San Francisco Extreme Weather Resilience Program |
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San Francisco Extreme Weather Resilience Program

Welcome to the San Francisco Extreme Weather Resilience Program


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the San Francisco’s Department of Emergency Management’s San Francisco Extreme Weather Resilience Program.  Below is an overview of this program, its benefits and the equipment that is available for acquisition after a successful onboarding process.  If you have any questions, please contact Daniel Homsey at any time at


The San Francisco Extreme Weather Resilience Program aims to strengthen citywide resiliency by establishing a network of culturally competent and community-serving organizations that are equipped to maintain service levels for the community during times of extreme weather.


Wildfires and extreme heat events in California have increased significantly over the past several years, causing negative impacts to vulnerable populations in San Francisco. The San Francisco Department of Emergency Management has gained access to regional and state funding to purchase and deploy air filters, air conditioners, solar charging stations, and generators to community-serving organizations in order to increase capacity to protect the health and well-being of clients, staff, and guests during severe weather events.


Eligible organizations include those that operate in San Francisco and serve communities that are at greater risk of experiencing negative health impacts during extreme weather, including but not limited to seniors, children, homebound, unsheltered homeless, and historically underserved populations. Organizations should have the organizational capacity and staff to continue their services during extreme weather events and will partner with the City’s emergency management agencies to provide situational awareness into how incidents are impacting communities in need.


Program Benefits

  • Streamlined access to air cleaning and conditioning equipment
  • Technical guidance on how to design, activate, and staff a respite facility for target communities
  • Increased connectivity to the City’s emergency response operations during extreme weather and other emergencies impacting San Francisco


Program Enrollment

  • To participate in this program, agencies agree to and complete the following:
  • Meet with SFDEM staff to review program details and conditions
  • Participate in the program’s site assessment process to identify the most appropriate equipment for use at the organization’s location(s)
  • Coordinate with the City on delivery, installation, and use of equipment
  • Participate in citywide activations during extreme weather events



The SF Department of Emergency has secured access to a wide range of equipment that mitigates the impact of extreme heat and poor air quality on your organization’s clients, staff and immediate neighbors.


IMPORTANT: Please note the following:

  • Not all of the air cleaners come with replacement filters. Depending on the items ordered, some do and some do not have the opportunity to order replacement filters through this program. In the cases where replacement filters are not included, filters will need to be ordered by the receiving agency once replacement is required.
  • Some equipment is already in City inventory and available to deploy right away. If the City is unable to arrange for delivery, the recipient may need to pick up their equipment.

To view the list of equipment available on this table.


If your agency is interested in learning more about this program, please contact the SFDEM program manager Daniel Homsey at

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