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Welcome to the Unity Light in the Night Campaign Center


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Hello Neighbors!


Like millions of people around the world, San Francisco has been inspired by the videos of Italians taking to their balconies and joining in song despite being sequestered in their homes in response to the COVID-19. This communal act brings hope and a sense of community to everyone who can hear their music. One of the Block Champion volunteers in Miraloma Park came up with the idea of everyone putting a lamp (not a candle!) in their front window and leaving it on until they go to bed. This creates a sense of community among our residents, many of whom may feel isolated and alone during this time.


The idea was branded “The Unity Light in the Night” campaign and the NEN hopes you’ll join in this simple and visible way to let your neighbors know that we are in this together – even as we follow the guidelines to stay home and maintain social distancing. So join us nightly at 7pm and put a “Unity Light” (not a candle) in your front window and send a message of hope and unity to our community. We expect this campaign to last for the duration of the pandemic response.


Here’s what San Franciscan’s are saying about the Unity Light Campaign:

“Thank you for beginning this wonderful Unity Light in the night. I have put my lamp in my front window on Junipero Serra Blvd. This has deep meaning for me and does make me feel safely united and connected with you all. I was born in the greater London Area during WW11, and began my infancy without light; at Dusk we were all relegated to the underground bomb shelters, and even though it began for me in my infancy, most crisis like these, often evoke feelings of aloneness and fear. This lamp in my window will evoke a new feeling of connectedness during this dreadful pandemic that we are ALL experiencing. Thank you all for joining us. I will try to add a photo, although I’m not very techy and don’t know how to do it.”

Annette P. of Ingleside Terrace


Click the image below to see coverage of the campaign:

Here’s how you can participate in the Unity Light in the Night Campaign:

1. Take a picture of your Unity Light and upload it on your social media of choice.

2. Add text to your post. Here’s an example: “I’m #DoingMyPartSF by #ShelteringInPlace and putting a light (not candle) in my window as part of the #UnityLightInTheNight Campaign. 

3. Then add some #hashtags so people can find your post when they search the term. Examples include: #UnityLight #CommunitySolidarity #DoingMyPartSF #FlattenTheCurve #MeQuedoEnCasa #EsteVirusLoParamosUnidos #IoRestoACasa #ShelterInPlace #WeApplaud #PhysicalDistanceNotSocialDistance


Check back to this page for updates on the Campaign.


-The NEN Team

Unity Light in the Night in the News and on Social Media

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