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December 1, 2016

The Neighborhood Empowerment Network would like to thank all the community leaders, non-profits, foundations, universities, city officials and private sector stakeholders who came together for the NEN Disaster Resilience Summit.

The event opened with inspiring remarks by Mayor Edwin M. Lee, City Administrator Naomi Kelly, Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White, Team Rubicon CEO Jake Wood, the Dean of Undergraduate Studies at SFSU Jennifer Summit, and Randy Brawley from FEMA Region IX.

The first session featured a conversation between New Orleans Councilmember LaToya Cantrell and Resilient Bayview Leader Felisia Thibodeaux. Councilmember Cantell led her communities’ recovery from Katrina. The goal of the conversation was to share what she would have done differently before and after the disaster.

During the event, NEN Director Daniel Homsey and Resilient Bayview Leader GL Hodge briefed the audience about the progress in creating a system that sustainably increases the resilience of our neighborhoods. The City’s Chief Resilience Officer, Patrick Otellini, outlined the work his office has done to advance the City’s overall resilience and outline the process moving forward to craft a Resilience Strategy that will guide our collective investments.

The summit also included discussions on community resilience and hands-on workshops to scope out the next round of neighborhood capacity building tools for challenges that San Francisco might face in the event of a disaster. The workshops focused on issues as sheltering in place, mass feeding, waste management, communications, volunteer management, and power generation.

The response to the summit has been overwhelmingly positive and by a show of hands the vast majority of attendees felt the work accomplished that day advanced the community disaster resilience efforts of the City. In the coming weeks we will release the data generated by the workshops as well as videos of the presentations.

Again, a big thank you to everyone who attended and we look forward to seeing you all in the neighborhood.

Summit Report Outputs

During the Summit’s workshop break-out session, participants had the opportunity to brainstorm questions, solutions, approaches, and new opportunities to mitigate issues San Francisco might face in the event of a disaster. Workshops focused on six elements including sheltering in place, mass feeding, waste management, communications, volunteer management, and power generation. Download the NEN Disaster Resilience Summit Report and the Summit Outputs and Description for a summit overview and a description of the workshop break-out sessions

Contact Us

For more information about the NEN Disaster Resilience Summit, please contact Daniel Homsey – Director of Neighborhood Empowerment Network – via email at or via phone at (415) 554-7114

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